About Hackplayers Academy

Hackplayers Association organizes the first edition of Hackplayers Academy, a two-day training event in which you can learn from the best experts on various topics in hacking and computer in-security.

At Hackplayers Academy you will find workshops and training on a wide variety of possible topics. The event will be held in Madrid on September 26 and 27. The formations were chosen from an open CFT (Call For Trainings).

🌟 Featured:

➡️ Impactful Workshops: Immerse yourself in practical workshops taught by leading experts in their fields. From cybersecurity to emerging technologies, Hackplayers Academy workshops are designed to challenge and expand your skills.

➡️ Expert Network: Connect with passionate professionals and industry leaders. Take advantage of the opportunity to establish valuable contacts who can inspire, guide and collaborate with you on future projects.

➡️ Professional Growth: Elevate your professional career with the knowledge and skills you will acquire at Hackplayers Academy. Whether you're a beginner or a tech expert, you'll find relevant and challenging content.

🤝 Organized by the Community for the Community:

Hackplayers Academy is an initiative of the non-profit Hackplayers Association, committed to the advancement of cybersecurity and technology. Our mission is to provide accessible learning opportunities for all and foster a collaborative environment.

➡️ Registration is not open yet. Stay tuned because after the end of the CFT the Agenda will be published and the corresponding registry will open.