Teachers 2024

Alex Soler
Hackplayers Academy 2024 workshop: Mobile Reverse Engineering with r2Frida Alex is a regular speaker and trainer at several national and international conferences. He is also an active contributor to radare2 and r2frida, being a r2frida evangelist in his workshops and training.
Alfonso Muñoz
Hackplayers Academy 2024 workshop: Estegomalware y APTs.
Ocultación maliciosa usando esteganografía
Doctor in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and postdoctoral researcher in network security from the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M). He has been a senior security researcher for more than 10 years and has published more than 60 academic publications (IEEE, ACM, JCR, hacking conferences...), books and computer security tools. He has also worked on advanced projects with European organizations, public entities and multinational companies (global 500). For over a decade, he has been involved in security architecture design, penetration testing, forensics, mobile and wireless environments, and information security research (leading technical and scientific teams).
Alvaro Muñoz
Hackplayers Academy 2024 workshop: Code Trek: exploring
the unknown with CodeQL as your Voyager
Alvaro Muñoz (@pwntester) works as a security researcher at GitHub where he collaborates secure open source software either by searching for vulnerabilities in OSS projects or generating content to help developers write more secure code. Alvaro has presented at the most important security conferences such as BlackHat, DEFCON, RSA, OWASP, etc. and he has several information security certifications such as OSCP, GWAPT and CISSP.
Tony Torralba
Hackplayers Academy 2024 workshop: Code Trek: exploring
the unknown with CodeQL as your Voyager
Tony, currently a software engineer at GitHub, has followed a mixed career path between software development and cybersecurity. He began his career as a developer of digital signing and authentication products, and later became a security analyst specializing in application security, focusing on code reviews and black box audits. He is now dedicated to creating and improving CodeQL queries to find large-scale vulnerabilities in Open Source projects.
Arnau Gàmez
Hackplayers Academy 2024 workshop: Advanced Binary Analysis Techniques Catalan hacker, reverse engineer and mathematician, with an extensive background in code (de)obfuscation research and Mixed Boolean-Arithmetic expressions, as well as industry experience as a malware analyst and security engineer. Founder of Fura Labs, a research and education firm on software security and reverse engineering. Co-founder and president of Hacking Lliure, a non-profit association and hacking community. Speaker and trainer at several international security conferences.
Carlos Polop
Hackplayers Academy 2024 workshop: From zero to Hero:
Pentesting and Red Team in AWS & GCP Environments
Carlos is a highly skilled cybersecurity professional who currently holds the position of cloud, web, and infra pentesting technical leader at Halborn. With over 5 years of experience in the field and a self-taught approach, Carlos has built a reputation for his exceptional skills in penetration testing, red teaming, and programming. He has published a well-known online book, and his state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools can be found on his GitHub page. Carlos has found vulnerabilities in companies of all industries and is known for his expertise in improving overall security. He is a valuable asset to Halborn and a true professional in the field of cybersecurity.
David Reguera aka Dreg
Hackplayers Academy 2024 workshop: Hardware Hacking Basico desde 0 Senior malware researcher, antivirus/endpoint detection and response (EDR) development, reversing, forensics and OS Internals, C/C++, x86 x64 ASM, hardware hacking, AVR, ARM Cortex
Ignacio Dominguez
Hackplayers Academy 2024 workshop: From zero to Hero:
Pentesting and Red Team in AWS & GCP Environments
Ignacio Domínguez is a Cloud Security Engineer based in Madrid. He currently works at Halborn as a Cloud Pentester and with experience in DevSecOps in several startups. Ignacio loves developing CTF challenges for competitions like NahamCon, HacktivityCon, and other major events. He is also co-founder of HackTricks Training offering quality certifications in Cloud Security.
Javier Espejo
Hackplayers Academy 2024 workshop: Taller de ataque y defensa de las APIs In security since the late 90s. Speaker since 2001 at many Spanish and international events. Active member of various Free Software projects and at the time I belonged to the kernel.net development group in the development of iptables. I like to break, break and break. Security Manager at Transparent Edge.
Josue Gonzalez
Hackplayers Academy 2024 workshop: Bootcamp de Ciberseguridad Industrial.
Fundamentos y laboratorios desde las trincheras.
Josue Gonzalez Pariente has more than 6 years in Industrial Cybersecurity (Siemens, Telefónica, Airbus...). He has certifications in industrial cybersecurity: GRID, GICSP and others. He has given presentations at events such as RootedCon (2023) and NavajaNegra (2022) and has experience in creating and teaching company courses.
Simon Roses
Hackplayers Academy 2024 workshop: Hacking de RF con Python Graduate in Computer Science from Suffolk University (Boston), Postgraduate in E-Commerce, Harvard University (Boston) and Executive MBA, Instituto de Empresa (IE, Madrid). Currently he is the founder and CEO of VULNEX. He was previously part of Microsoft, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and @Stake. He is the creator and collaborator of several open source security projects such as OWASP Pantera and LibExploit, in addition to publishing security advisories for well-known products. He has earned a DARPA Cyber Fast Track (CFT) grant to research software security. He is a regular speaker at security industry events including BlackHat, DEFCON, HITB, RSA, OWASP, DeepSec, SOURCE, CCN STIC, INCIBE CyberCamp and Microsoft Security Technets. CISSP, CEH, CSSLP and OSWP. Blog: www.simonroses.com